Guy Orgambide Guy Orgambide is a Ph.D. scientist who left his native France in the nineties, when he was recruited as a researcher at Michigan State University. A few years later, Guy joined in the frenzied ride of the "" revolution and created the online science news portal Guy still enjoys the energy of start-up environments, as he continues to be involved in both scientific research and technology-based projects.

From his childhood's fantastic voyages on the hills of the family's vineyard, Guy has preserved a love for unbridled imagination. Through his editorial work with, he has grown very fond of the uniquely dynamic nature of the English language. Guy has chosen to merge these two interests through works of fiction.

Guy Orgambide's writings reflect his passion for the work of 19th century "romanesque" writers such as Alexandre Dumas or Jules Verne, whose highly creative, adventure-driven, and at times surreal fiction enlivened the literary side of his studies.

A Feeble Drift and An Upward Draft are the first two installments of a trilogy that is intended to call upon the reader's imaginary space rather than more solicited emotions. Their intrigues straddle the lines between dark mystery, psychological thriller, and speculative science. The novels populate unusual spaces with all-too-human characters who strive to redefine themselves under the assault of strong and twisted currents.

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